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Circle Round For Freedom

© 1982 by Linda Hirschhorn from the album Circle of Women
composed by: Linda Hirschhorn
artist: Alice Di Michele

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Circle round for freedom, circle round for peace
for those of us in prison, circle for release.
Circle round the planet, circle for each soul
for our future generations, keep the circle whole.

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There Is No Time

© 2006 by Veronica Appalonia from the album Elemental
composed by: Veronica Appalonia, vocal arr by Kellianna
artist: Kellianna

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There is no time but now
There is no place but here
In the sacred we do stand
In a circle hand in hand

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Full Moonlight Dance

© 1977 by Karen Beth from the album Circle of Women
composed by: Karen Beth
artist: Alice Di Michele

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Under the full moon light we dance
spirits dance we dance
joining hands we dance
joining souls rejoice

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One Spirit

© 2000 by PJ Seale from the album I Am
composed by: PJ Seale
artist: Spiral Rhythm

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One spirit in the dark,
Like a candle wavers.
Many spirits joined as one,
Burn with the power of the blazing sun.
There is strength in community,
A circle empowering you and me.
The circle binds yet sets us free,
In the Goddess’ name, so mote it be.

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Rise with the Fire

© 1997 by Starhawk from the album Chants - Ritual Music from Reclaiming and Friends
composed by: Starhawk
artist: Reclaiming and Friends

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We can rise with the fire of freedom,
Truth is the fire that burns our chains,
And we can stop the fire of destruction,
Healing is the fire running through our veins.

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