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We Are Alive

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We Are Alive,
As the Earth is alive.
We have the power
To fight for our freedom. [alt: to create our freedom]

If we have courage we can be healers, [alt: we shall be healers]
Like the Sun we shall rise.
If we have courage we can be healers,
Like the Sun we shall rise.


If the People Lived Their Lives as if it Were a Song

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If the people lived their lives
As if it were a song
For singing out of Light
Provides the music for the stars
To be dancing circles in the night.


Diving Deep and Surfacing

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We are women (people, pagans,..) exploring.
We are women who long to know the mysteries.
We are women reawakening.
We are women who dare reclaim our history.

(Chorus 2x)
And we are diving, diving,
Diving deep and surfacing, diving deep and surfacing.

We are women who share stories.
We uphold and listen to each offering.
We are women who share glories.
We are bravely transforming all our suffering.


We are women who seek wholeness.
We bring throught the Spirit to the physical.
We are women speaking boldness.
We all know the personal is political.


First verse



Ariana’s Blessing

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May you walk the shores of harmony.
May you live a life of peace.
May you fill your cup of joy.
May you all find hope.

May you play among the stars.
May your wishes have wings.
May you know who you are,
And may you live your dreams.


Waters of Bliss

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I drink from many fountains.
I am watered at many wells.
I float in the waves of the Waters of Bliss,
Where my body and soul are held.

I dissolve in Your ocean; I surrender to You.
I release into Your real ease; I am Yours, through and through.

I savor the flavor of family,
And I sip at the spring of friends.
I am filled with the flow from Above and Below,
No beginning, no end.