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I Am

I Am album cover

© 1997 by Christian Williamson from the album I Am
composed by: Christian Williamson
artist: Spiral Rhythm

I am the trees, Bowing, bending
I am the trees, Kiss the earth again
I am the sun, Burning, changing
I am the sun, Kiss the flame again
I am the stream, Flowing, shaping
I am the stream, Kiss the sea again
I am the song, Floating, calling
I am the song, Kiss the wind again


There Is No Time

Elemental album cover

© 2006 by Veronica Appalonia from the album Elemental 
composed by: Veronica Appalonia, vocal arr by Kellianna
artist: Kellianna

There is no time but now
There is no place but here
In the sacred we do stand
In a circle hand in hand


Conscious Feminine

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Matter suffused with its own inner light,
Raising the Feminine to conscious insight,
Strong, radiant container: Sophia!
Dark, intuitive receiver: Sophia!
Responding with vibrancy to the earth’s plight,
Providing a balance to masculine flight.


Secret One Inside

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There is a Secret One inside,
All the stars and all the galaxies,
Run through Her hands like beads.

(also try using “sacred” for “secret”)


Chinook Sanctus

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Where we live is holy, holy is the ground.
Water, wind and sunlight, holy is the Sound.
Mighty Spirit singing circles all around.
Mighty Spirit singing circles all around.

Holy, Holy, Holy,
Maker of heaven and earth.
All is full of Thy glory.
All is full of Thy glory.