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Full Moonlight Dance

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Under the full moon light we dance
spirits dance we dance
joining hands we dance
joining souls rejoice


Black Madonna Chant

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Longing for Darkness, Ravens of Einsiedeln,
Black Madonna, Dark Moon Goddess, Queen of the Night.
Redeeming Darkness, Gifts of the Unconscious,
Integration, Fertility, Wisdom, Insight.


If the People Lived Their Lives as if it Were a Song

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If the people lived their lives
As if it were a song
For singing out of Light
Provides the music for the stars
To be dancing circles in the night.



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Hecate, Hecate, Lady of the Crossroads
Hecate, Hecate, Wisdom of the Crone.

Holder of Compassion, Gate to the Unconscious,
Help us to surrender into Depths yet unknown.


Nikki’s Lullaby

Fire of Creation album coverplay mp3 clip of Nikki’s Lullaby

Sleep deep, sleep long.
Sweet sleep dream song.
Dream deep, dream long.
Sweet dream sleep song.