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Circle Round For Freedom

Circle of Women album cover© 1982 by Linda Hirschhorn from the album Circle of Women
composed by: Linda Hirschhorn
artist: Alice Di Micele

Circle round for freedom, circle round for peace
for those of us in prison, circle for release.
Circle round the planet, circle for each soul
for our future generations, keep the circle whole.


Rise with the Fire

Chants Ritual Music from Reclaiming and Friends© 1997 by Starhawk from the album Chants: Ritual Music
composed by: Starhawk
artist: Reclaiming and Friends

We can rise with the fire of freedom,
Truth is the fire that burns our chains,
And we can stop the fire of destruction,
Healing is the fire running through our veins.


Diving Deep and Surfacing

© 2006 by Marilyn Strong from the album Songs for SophiaSongs for Sophia album cover
composed by: Marilyn Strong
artist: Marilyn Strong

We are women (people, pagans,..) exploring.
We are women who long to know the mysteries.
We are women reawakening.
We are women who dare reclaim our history.

(Chorus 2x)
And we are diving, diving,
Diving deep and surfacing, diving deep and surfacing.

We are women who share stories.
We uphold and listen to each offering.
We are women who share glories.
We are bravely transforming all our suffering.


We are women who seek wholeness.
We bring throught the Spirit to the physical.
We are women speaking boldness.
We all know the personal is political.


First verse



Held in the Heart

© 2001 by Abigail Spinner McBride from the album Enter the CenterEnter the Center album cover
composed by: Abbi Spinner McBride
artist: Abbi Spinner McBride

(descant 4x)
(We are) here, we are held, we are holy, we are home

Here in the heart of this holy moment
Held in the dark of the womb
Held in the hands of our sisters and brothers
Here in the light of the moon

Here in the heart of this holy moment,
Held in the light of the sun
Held in the hands of our sisters and brothers
Here in the heart of the One.