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Black Madonna Chant

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Longing for Darkness, Ravens of Einsiedeln,
Black Madonna, Dark Moon Goddess, Queen of the Night.
Redeeming Darkness, Gifts of the Unconscious,
Integration, Fertility, Wisdom, Insight.



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Hecate, Hecate, Lady of the Crossroads
Hecate, Hecate, Wisdom of the Crone.

Holder of Compassion, Gate to the Unconscious,
Help us to surrender into Depths yet unknown.


Ancient Goddess

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Smiling Virgin, shining crescent
Waxing fullness, luminescent
Sickle of silver, reaper of bone
Maiden, Mother and Crone
Maiden, Mother and Crone

Ancient Goddess, daughter of moonlight
Ancient Goddess, mother of stone
Ancient Goddess, keeper of midnight
Maiden, Mother and Crone
Maiden, Mother and Crone