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Enter the Center

Enter the Center album coverplay mp3 clip of Enter the Center

We call to you, We honor you, We welcome you…

(chorus 2x)
Enter the Center where All is One,
All are welcome, All is One.

Your local Tribe of Spirit diversity,
Our circle embraces all universally.

Buddhist, Moslem, Christian, Pagan, Jew,
We welcome you, we honor you in all you do.

Grail Knight, Thelemite, Hermetic, Qabbalistic,
Druid, Wiccan, Solitary, Sufi, Mystic.

Techno, Retro, Straight or Queer, Yogi, Mahatma,
Holy Roller, Rock-n-Roller, Rainbow, Rasta.

Yoruba, Voodou, Santeria, Hindu,
Shamanic, Teutonic, speak your truth.

Spirit Fire sing, Spirit Fire drum,
Spirit Fire burn ’til the Rising Sun.

We all have a story, we all have a song,
Sweat your prayer, ride the rhythm to the Dawn.

Do you have a chant? Do you have a drum?
We call you out. Your time has come.

So find yourself a rhythm, lose yourself in trance,
Lose yourself, find yourself, dance, dance, dance!

We call to you, We honor you, We welcome you…


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