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Back to the River

© 2017 by Abigail McBrideVegas Vortex
composed by: Abbi Spinner McBride, with additional verse by Laughing Starheart
artist: Abbi Spinner McBride

Back to the River,
Back to the Sea
Back to the Ocean,
One with Thee

Back to my Blood,
And back through my Veins
Back to my Heartbeat,
One and the Same

Back to the Forest,
Back to the Fields
Back to the Mountains,
Her Body revealed

Back to my Bones,
Back to my Skin
Back to my Spirit,
The Fire within


Waters of Bliss

© 2007 by Abigail McBride from the album Fire of CreationFire of Creation Album Cover
composed by: Abbi Spinner McBride
artist: Abbi Spinner McBride

I drink from many fountains.
I am watered at many wells.
I float in the waves of the Waters of Bliss,
Where my body and soul are held.

I dissolve in Your ocean; I surrender to You.
I release into Your real ease; I am Yours, through and through.

I savor the flavor of family,
And I sip at the spring of friends.
I am filled with the flow from Above and Below,
No beginning, no end.